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Service Delivery

Realise the intrinsic value of our network

Our Pledge

The SEACOM network has changed the African ICT landscape and SEACOM plans to continue evolving its core infrastructure to lead Africa into the next stage of ICT Growth. SEACOM leverages its operational know-how in developing and running a best-in-class quality of service international network. SEACOM is committed to delivering the best possible broadband experience. SEACOM believes that the next generation of voice, data and video is here and believes that we can collaborate with our customers and suppliers to deliver a whole new experience to the end users. We are determined to provide a world-class level of customer service to enable our customers to realize the intrinsic value of our network.

Service Delivery & Assurance

The SEACOM Service Manager (SM) has the responsibility of assisting customers with all queries relating to provisioning of circuits and re-provisioning. Activations, cancellations or re-provision requests can be notified via the SEACOM Circuit Activation Request (CAR) form that is sent directly to the SM via fax or email.

After circuits have been released, customers are notified with a SEACOM Service Handover Letter that will make reference to the circuit’s services ID. This reference number allows customers to log trouble tickets, track trouble tickets and validate Transmission circuit inventory via this portal:, alternatively emailing