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Fibre Ready Building Offering


The fastest Fibre* in South Africa is now available from as little as R1350pm. Sign up and ensure that your business does not get left behind.


*SEACOM voted South Africa’s Number 1 Fibre Provider by MyBroadband.



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**SEACOM will o‌nly connect Commercial Multi-Tenant Buildings and Enterprise internet connectivity will be offered. This is not residential internet connectivity.


Fibre Ready Building Offering

Today, high-speed reliable Internet access is a much-needed tool for modern businesses. After all, in the digital age, it’s as crucial to their core operations as utilities like electricity and water.


Property owners can now look forward to connecting their multi-tenant buildings directly to SEACOM’s fibre network, ensuring that their occupants have access to blazing-fast Internet and data services at preferential rates. SEACOM’s Fibre Ready Building offering will help property owners attract clients who demand reliable, high-speed Internet access to support the ever-increasing business need for bandwidth.


Tenant benefits and value proposition

Content rich applications like Video Conferencing can be utilized to save travel costs

Reduce operational costs through adoption of cloud based services

Internet speed will never be throttled

Fibre is an ‘enabler’ of modern business and tenants expect high speed broadband

Connectivity available when and where required and reduced lead times to activate new services

No Fair Usage Policy

No surprise ‘out of bundle’ charges

Traffic priority will not be dictated