SEACOM becomes first African carrier to peer at Sweden’s Netnod - SEACOM

SEACOM becomes first African carrier to peer at Sweden’s Netnod

SEACOM becomes first African carrier to peer at Sweden’s Netnod

Pan-African telecom enabler and network provider SEACOM is the first African carrier to peer at the Netnod Internet exchange point in Stockholm, Sweden. This will ensure that African Internet users on the international SEACOM backbone are able to enjoy better speed and performance when they access websites and services that are primarily reachable via Netnod,  and/or from the Scandinavian region and northern and central parts of Europe. This in turn will provide a better user experience for the northern and eastern European communities in Africa.

Netnod is a non-profit, independent Internet exchange point operator based in Sweden. It operates five Internet exchange points in Sweden and one in Denmark, where Internet operators can connect and exchange traffic (peer). The Netnod IX has among the highest amount of traffic per peer in Europe and is fully IPv6 enabled.

“The majority of Internet traffic into and out of Africa goes to Europe, which is why we’re investing in connectivity on the continent. We are the only African carrier with a direct physical presence in Stockholm, which means that we can help our service provider and network operator clients deliver a superior level of service to clients connecting to Internet services in Scandinavia.” says Mark Tinka, Head of engineering at SEACOM.

“Because we control the infrastructure from our global and African IP transit networks to the remote peering point in Sweden, we can guarantee quality and a high level of support. Our physical presence in Stockholm, and our relationship with Netnod, will be significant for multinationals that are based in – or do business with – between Nordic countries and Africa.”

"We are delighted to have SEACOM as our first African customer at Netnod. Africa is a fast-growing region, and we look forward to SEACOM bringing this growth to Netnod and our members,” says Lars Michael Jogback CEO of Netnod.