Connect directly to SEACOM and unlock the power of fast, smart Internet that will transform your world.

SEACOM is currently deploying fibre in the South of JHB through various partners. Select your area using the coverage map below. If your area is not fibre ready, we will use your input in determining which areas to fibre up next.

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SEACOM, the service provider that disrupted telecommunications in Southern and East Africa,
is now bringing the same level of disruption directly to users in this area
through our newly launched Fibre Internet Access service.



Our Fibre Internet Access provides immediate access to the Internet via our global high-speed data network. This connectivity is delivered directly to the customer’s premises using last-mile fibre connectivity, which ensures high-speed and low-latency access to the Internet.

The solution provides a cost-effective, high-availability broadband connection right to your front door.

Why Fibre?

Upload as fast as you download, no caps, no shaping, no throttling, and no surprise out-of-bundle charges. Just super-fast, affordable Internet delivered directly, from the company that transformed the Internet in Africa.

Who is it for?

Businesses, retailers and homes in the South of Johannesburg will now have access to super-fast fibre connectivity from SEACOM.

Ideal for any home, businesses or retailer looking for a dedicated, scalable, reliable and fast Internet connection.