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Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access

Delivered right to the front door of your business, SEACOM’s Wireless Internet Access is the perfect Internet connection to drive your business into a prosperous digital future. Provisioned on last-mile microwave technology and connected to SEACOM’s robust global IP/MPLS network, WIA is the perfect solution for small-to-medium sized businesses who need a fast, affordable and reliable connection to perform at their best. This solution can be utilized in areas not yet covered by fibre, as an interim solution whilst waiting for fibre or backup to your current fibre solution.

Key benefits

Our WIA services offer business customers the choice between licensed (for reduced wireless interference) and unlicensed (for improved affordability) spectrum options, to perfectly suit the needs of any growing business ensuring fast, reliant and efficient internet connectivity to your doorstep. Data usage is completely uncapped and unshaped, ensuring maximum usage at all times.

Ideal for

Small and medium-sized businesses who require optimal uptime and reliability from their Internet connections, at a price they can afford. Last-mile microwave technology makes WIA from SEACOM the perfect choice for businesses for whom fibre is not an option.

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