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Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access

Our Direct Internet Access provides businesses with dedicated, high-speed and low-latency access to the Internet directly from a SEACOM Point of Presence (PoP). This offering is also the accepted standard for seamless, reliable connectivity to the cloud. Scalability is not an issue for this offering with line rates up to 100 Gigabits per second on a single interface, as well as having the ability to burst capacity on-demand above the committed line rate with 95th percentile billing.


The Direct Internet Access service is provisioned across our robust global IP/MPLS, which is fully interconnected across both the east and west coast of Africa and Europe with Tier-1 networks, a mesh of subsea and terrestrial routes as well as optimised routing to key African Operators, Service Providers and Content Networks.

Key benefits

Our DIA offering is a premium high-speed, unshaped, uncontended and symmetrical service backed with penalty based SLAs providing a solution equipped to help you transform your business in the African continent and beyond.

Ideal for

Small, medium and large businesses looking for a dedicated, scalable, reliable and fast Internet connection to help them take their business, of any size, to the next level. Content and OTT providers.

Content and OTT providers.

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Direct Internet Access