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Business ethernet

Business ethernet

Our Ethernet offering provides customers with the ability to connect multiple sites to one another, via a flexible and resilient IP/MPLS backbone. Not only does this option give a business the ability to communicate across the world, it also allows for the secure sharing of confidential information across various business premises.


The entire service package is a great way to ensure communication between branches in a more cost effective and sustainable way, with line rates from a few megabits to several gigabits as well as the ability to burst above the committed rate with 95th percentile billing, between SEACOM Points of Presence.

Key benefits

The Ethernet service provides flexible, low latency, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity between African and international interconnection points.

Ideal for

Whether it be carriers and operators, large businesses or small businesses that are growing fast, this solution is a cost effective way to ensure ultimate collaboration and unhindered communication. Content and OTT providers.

Content and OTT providers.

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