Ethernet (VPN)
Service features
/ Largest MPLS backbone in Africa
/ Cost effective p2p & p2mp connectivity
/ Resilient East & West coast subsea systems
/ Burstable capacity
/ Rapid capacity upgrades
/ Flexible bandwidth options
/ Industry-leading PoP-to-PoP SLAs
What is Ethernet (VPN)?

SEACOM’s Ethernet Service provides flexible, low latency, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint EoMPLS connectivity between major African and International interconnection points. Investment in metro connectivity, together with partnerships with leading regional service providers, enables SEACOM to deliver services directly into customer premises across Africa & the globe.


Provisioned across SEACOM’s robust IP/MPLS, our Ethernet service offers customer granular bandwidth up to 10 GIGABITS per second on a single interface. Ethernet interfaces allow for rapid upgrades and provide on-demand burst capabilities to ensure the Service can meet the evolving needs of our customers’ networks.

Who is it for?

/ Carriers & Operators
/ Small, Medium & Large Businesses
/ Content & OTT providers