Direct Internet Access
Service features
/ Bandwidth Plan: Up to 10 Gbps
/ Symmetrical: Upload & Download speeds are at chosen line rate 

/ Uncapped: Unlimited data usage 

/ Unshaped: No rate-limiting of any protocols, which ensures maximum usage at all times
/ Uncontended: 
Dedicated bandwidth per customer
/ Access to Africa’s largest IP network 

/ Resilience due to meshed undersea cable and terrestrial fibre networks
/ Optimal traffic routing and resiliency through multiple Tier-1 Upstream partners in Europe and Asia 

/ Direct inter-African traffic routing between SEACOM nodes provisioned across Southern & East Africa 

/ Low-latency on-net CDN caches 

/ Ability to burst above committed rate 

/ Rapid committed capacity upgrades on 1GE & 10 GE ports 

/ Inclusion of last mile through leading connectivity partnerships
What is Direct Internet Access?

Direct Internet Access provides customers with high-speed and low-latency access to the Internet through multiple Global Tier 1 providers, a mesh of subsea and terrestrial routes, as well as optimised routing to many key African Operators, Service Providers and CDN networks.


The Direct Internet Access Service is the de-facto standard for connectivity to the Cloud. SEACOM’s robust, high-speed global IP/MPLS backbone network spans Africa and Europe and is interconnected to the rest of the globe through major Tier-1 operators and peers in both Europe and Asia. Ethernet interfaces allow rapid capacity upgrades and the ability for customers to burst above their committed line rate, up to 10 GIGABITS per second on a single interface. SEACOM’s Direct Internet Access Service also comes with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) pledging the Service will meet customers’ expectations.   

Who is it for?

/ Small, Medium & Large Businesses
/ Content & OTT providers