Attix5 Online Backup
Service features
/ With Attix5 backup client, up-to-the-minute backup schedules enable automatic and regular backups without user intervention
/ Scalable and flexible
/ Fastest 256-bit AES GCM encryption technology applied during backup
/ Data de-duplication saving bandwidth and storage space
/ Intelligent file selection – Use filters, profiling and file-level inclusion and exclusion to specify data to backup/restore and data to ignore
/ Central administration – Single management console enables backup administrators to control backup and restore processes and configure all backup clients remotely
/ Client user self-restores – Backup Client users can restore data directly to their workstations, without the need for technical support
/ Virtual Restore allows your backup to be immediately available by mounting your backup as a virtual drive on your local machine and allows instant file level access
What is Attix5 Online Backup?

Enable automatic data backups and recovery from anywhere, at anytime with an online backup service. With disk-to-disk solutions available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


Files and folders stored on desktop PCs, laptop computers or servers running Attix5 are backed up to a SEACOM Cloud storage platform. In the event of data loss or corruption, you can retrieve data from the storage platform and restore it to the original or another computer in just a few easy steps.  

Who is it for?

/ Small, Medium & Large Businesses