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Connectivity is the Backbone of an Excellent Customer Experience

Connectivity is the Backbone of an Excellent Customer Experience

It is no longer good enough to hope that “If you build it, they will come”. In today’s customer-centric landscape, consumers expect that you will come to them. Blame Amazon, blame Takealot, blame Superbalist, blame them all for raising the bar when it comes to the customer experience. And South African businesses are struggling to keep up.


To get your business near the forefront of the digital economy, a well-designed and user-friendly company website is the bare minimum. Customers also expect effective online support and even want live-chat conflict resolution. A predictive analytics-based omnichannel experience is the ultimate goal.


These lofty customer expectations, which are quickly becoming the norm, cannot be achieved without the digital infrastructure to support them. And at the very core of this infrastructure lies a fast and reliable Internet connection, without which, your efforts to transform your customer experience will be for naught.


Towards the Omnichannel


What exactly is this new buzzword surrounding customer experience excellence? Well, omnichannel is an omniscient (all-knowing) customer experience. What this means is giving consumers a consistent and continuous experience across every channel and touchpoint.


This is achieved by using data to personalise the customer experience across your communication channels – from website, to call centre, to app, to social media, to live chat, and even in-store, all of which will share and collate customer data to build a comprehensive picture of every single customer.


Maybe not that easy, but you have to start somewhere. After all, the journey to an omnichannel customer experience is not a straightforward one, nor will it be the same for every business. To start this journey, you need a solid foundation, in which an excellent connectivity and cloud service provider is integral.


Omnichannel and the cloud


One technological trend helping businesses achieve their ambitious omnichannel goals is cloud computing. The omniscience of the cloud makes possible many of the most critical characteristics of omnichannel – the collection, storage and sharing of customer data, the frictionless connectivity of communication channels, and simplified collaboration platforms that allow employees to roll out your new and improved Customer Experience (CX) strategy.


Beneath the cloud


Below cloud computing lies the essential infrastructure for all its benefits – the Internet connection. A powerful and reliable connection is what underpins any successful customer experience transformation, making it possible to bridge the gap between your customers and your company.


This generation of customers expects more. And if their expectations are not met, they move on with a click. So, this year, make the decision to meet your customers on their terms, and start moving your business towards the ideal state of omnichannel. But remember, it all starts with a connection. A solid, speedy and trustworthy connection, provided by your partner in connectivity, SEACOM.


Not sure how to bring your business to your consumers, or how to start the transformation of your customer experience? Contact SEACOM today, and we can help you with everything from a high speed Corporate Fibre Connection to a full board of hosted Cloud services.