The Next Big Leak Could Come from Your Business. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t! - SEACOM

The Next Big Leak Could Come from Your Business. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t!

The Next Big Leak Could Come from Your Business. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t!

The staggering South African data breach recently discovered by Australian information security expert Troy Hunt, and published on the South African technology news site TechCentral has left many people concerned about cyber security, and not without good reason. Internet security is becoming increasingly important in the digital age and the threat of cyber-attacks is not imagined, just take a look at Equifax. The Atlanta-based consumer credit reporting company suffered a massive data breach sometime after May 2017. Equifax admitted that no less than 694,000 British and 143 million American customers were now vulnerable to the risk of criminal activity, thanks to their data breach.

Naturally, no business wants to be famous as a careless protector of sensitive data, but what can you do to ensure your business won’t be responsible for the next big leak?

Consider Hosted Security

Internet security experts like SEACOM offer a number of options to the business owner looking to enhance their cyber safety. One such option is hosted security, a business tailored solution that provides powerful reporting and amazing next-generation firewalls.  These allow you to safeguard against the unauthorised access of your network with cutting-edge technology available through hosted security.

Consider Virtual Server Hosting

Both flexible and cost effective, cloud based services such as virtual server hosting provide another excellent opportunity to upgrade your Internet security. SEACOM’s virtual servers are the ideal security option for businesses of any size, as well as OTT and content providers. Virtual hosting is something every business should consider and brings with it a plethora of benefits, including dedicated resources and the freedom to select the operating system that’s right for you.

Consider Endpoint Protection

Endpoint security systems have consistently grown in sophistication in order to meet the needs of Internet users. These systems afford excellent endpoint protection against harmful viruses and malware, as they are fast, effective and easy to use. Furthermore, employing an integrated endpoint protection system means you can reduce costs and decrease the likelihood of a disastrous data breach.

Consider a Virtual Private Network

Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) is yet another approach to cyber security that makes use of the Internet to increase security at a fairly low cost. Protect your organisation against a malicious cyber-attack with a VPN, perfect for wireless local area networking, blocking undesirable websites and streamlining costs.

The Equifax data breach is just one of many cautionary tales, warning against the danger of cutting corners when it comes to data security. It is from such mistakes that the modern world has learned its greatest lessons. The frequency of these attacks is on the rise, and we must take the necessary measures to protect our information. As a business owner, you need to consider protecting all aspects of your organisation with the best tools available, from cloud and network security to cloud server hosting and virtual networks.