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Will 2018 be your year for Digital Transformation? 5 Things to Keep in Mind


Will 2018 be your year for Digital Transformation? 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Corporate leaders are looking at the significant expenses, potential business disruptions, security risks and long payback time of digital transformation and asking themselves, “Is the journey to digital worth it?”


But digital transformation can be far easier than many C-suite executives anticipate, provided they begin with a long-term vision, look for quick wins along the way, and measure and optimise outcomes as they go.


Let’s explore 5 of the most important considerations for corporate leaders looking to embrace a digital transformation within their company.


1. See the Bigger Picture


Clearly understanding the benefits of digital transformation will serve you well as you prepare for the change. This is the first step in overcoming the apprehension of digital transformation and requires you to see the bigger picture. Going digital brings with it a plethora of long-term advantages including:


  • Direct connectivity with existing and potential customers
  • Ease of access of your customers to your services and products
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Real time worker and customer engagement
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Greater efficiency and profitability
  • Improved growth opportunities


2. Understanding the Landscape of Digital Customers


With each passing day, more and more people gain access to mobile broadband or fibre. Consider your customers: their motivations, goals and how they communicate. These insights will help you develop successful digital strategies that are sure to draw more clients.


3. Mapping the Digital Journey


Pay careful attention to your customer’s digital journey. Mapping out the process from beginning to end will provide you with a good understanding of their digital experience. Ponder any shortcomings and possible solutions before you get the ball rolling on your digital transformation. Don’t underestimate the importance or complexity of this step.


4. Missing Links and Deficiencies in your Current Customer Experience


Key to the success of any organisation, is the ability to offer quality customer service. Fail to do so, and you will lose even the most loyal of consumers. From this point of view, it’s easy to see the value in identifying the deficiencies of your company’s customer service.


5. Measuring Results


Digital transformation takes time, and measuring results is done by examining a variety of metrics. From the percentage of marketing resources allocated to digital and customer acquisition rates to organisational reach, to IT spend, everything should be monitored and compared.

Ensure a smooth transition by carefully considering all the elements of digital transformation and reap the rewards of a fully digitised business.


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