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Uncrowd Your Internet: Why 2017 is the Perfect Year to Break Up with ADSL

Uncrowd Your Internet: Why 2017 is the Perfect Year to Break Up with ADSL

It’s been a good run, with plenty of great milestones and memories to look fondly back on. You’ve had your ups and downs, but you always found a way to make your love-hate relationship work in the end. DSL & Wireless Internet was there for you when the thought of digital business was little more than a marketing catch-phrase, but the time has come to break away from what’s holding your business back.


Now, with over two decades of Internet use under our belts, South African businesses have less tolerance for slow speeds and lack of reliability. They’re growing increasingly exasperated when their business connections don’t enable them to make full and unfettered use of the business tools of tomorrow: mobility, collaboration and cloud. Today’s digital companies, put simply, need more than what DSL and wireless can provide. It’s the ultimate “it’s not me, it’s you” situation for business owners, who are now presented with options that simply weren’t feasible or previously available.


First things first: Why are your Internet speeds so unpredictable?


Maybe your entire business prefers to use a wireless connection (generally slower and less reliable than wired connections). Then again, maybe you’re just unlucky enough to have a business positioned some distance from the nearest exchange – since ADSL is delivered to your business via copper cables, the speed of your connection is impacted by the distance between the telephone exchange and your location.


There are many potential culprits when, despite your ISP’s promises of lightning-fast connections, you end up with speeds that remind you of the good-ol’-bad-days of 56k dial-up. From electrical interference to your business premises’ distance from the nearest exchange, predictability is certainly not ADSL’s strong point. Potentially the biggest culprit, however, is crowding.


Your business’s ISP has most likely offered you some pretty incredible promises about speed and uptime (and we’re sure they do their best to deliver on those aspects they can control), but when it comes to crowding, it’s the telecoms infrastructure provider you need to worry about. No matter what your ISP offers you, capacity and speed are dictated by that long-suffering copper cable underfoot or the congested airwaves.


This means that all private and business Internet users in your immediate vicinity are essentially sharing bandwidth. That includes every other business in your area, as well as coffee shops (and their endless stream of Wi-Fi users), schools and universities, Netflix addicts, compulsive torrenters and many, many other bandwidth-intensive users to boot.


Why fibre is the answer


In recent years, South Africa’s lack of reliable Internet infrastructure has been blamed for our slow digital progress. But lack of existing broadband infrastructure is a blessing in disguise: it leaves vast geographical areas open to the installation of brand new fibre infrastructure. At SEACOM, we’re doing our part by expanding our offerings to include Direct-to-Business fibre connections and other business services to our clients.


With a business fibre connection, all the headaches of broadband disappear – with far superior speeds allowing more employees, on more devices, to effectively use the network. Fibre connectivity is capable of simultaneous uploads and downloads, so data travels unhindered in both directions. Its fantastic speeds also mean that when it comes to high-demand data transfer (like voice and video transmissions), it easily runs circles around an ADSL connection. Fibre also enables better, faster, and more efficient use of the myriad of cloud apps available today, and trust us, you’re going to need your cloud tools. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-Internet” policy is today. Coupled with more reliability as fibre is far less prone to faults caused by factors such as electrical surges and theft, fibre is a must have for the modern business.


Fibre isn’t just a faster connection – although your employees will praise you for saving them innumerable hours by making the switch – it is a critical enabler for business success in the future. And it is the best way to future-proof your IT department, as you prepare for a future of digital business excellence.


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