From the Cable to Culture – The Values Behind SEACOM’s Success - SEACOM

From the Cable to Culture – The Values Behind SEACOM’s Success

From the Cable to Culture – The Values Behind SEACOM’s Success

Culture and technology… They don’t immediately seem like a natural match, do they?

At SEACOM, culture and technology go together perfectly. We pride ourselves on maintaining a corporate culture that matches the quality of our technology, and drives excellence in everything we do. Simply put, we credit our organisational values as much as our work, for helping us to get to where we are today. Here are just a few of the most important values we uphold:




Becoming leaders in our industry wouldn’t have been possible without strong organisational leadership from within. Our executive team may be small, but they, like all SEACOM employees, are specialists in their field and bold thinkers.


We pride ourselves in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and creativity in everything we do. It is these qualities that have enabled SEACOM to (sometimes literally) go where nobody has gone before, and develop unique solutions to Africa’s ICT challenges.


Product & Solutions


The team at SEACOM pride themselves on understanding customer requirements and challenges in today’s evolving world of Internet and Cloud-based services. We design solutions and products that not only address customer needs but also do so without comprising quality or breaking their budgets.


Since launching our corporate market offerings, the feedback from our customers and partners has been phenomenal and extremely positive, as they break away from their traditional service providers. It is our belief that the next generation of voice, data and video is here, and that Africa needs only the opportunity to make these digital tools work for them. The commitment from our side will always be to innovate and embrace technology that ensures this happens more quickly.


Service Delivery & Support


The SEACOM network has forever altered Africa’s ICT landscape for the better, and we plan to continue evolving our core infrastructure in order to lead Africa into the next stage of ICT growth, and all the benefits that accompany such growth.


Years of experience have equipped our team with the know-how to develop and maintain a world-class network that offers our users throughout Africa the best possible broadband experience. We are determined to provide a world-class level of customer service to enable our customers to realise the intrinsic value of our services.


Giving Back


SEACOM’s roots are, and always will be, in Africa. So it’s no surprise that SEACOM is passionately active in the communities around us, always on the lookout for an opportunity to give something back to the continent that has nurtured us into the business we are today. From sending a team up Mount Kilimanjaro to donating medical equipment to nurses in need, our CSR initiatives are a central part of our organisation – that’s what Ubuntu is all about.


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