From the Cable to Africa: What SEACOM’s Direct-to-Business Connectivity Solution Means for Africa - SEACOM

From the Cable to Africa: What SEACOM’s Direct-to-Business Connectivity Solution Means for Africa

From the Cable to Africa: What SEACOM’s Direct-to-Business Connectivity Solution Means for Africa

It’s no secret that SEACOM has a thing for Africa. Since bringing our game-changing, high-capacity submarine cable to life in 2009, SEACOM has exponentially increased Africa’s access to quality broadband connectivity… and we’re just getting started.


Following an avalanche of positive feedback from customers using a limited release of our Fibre Internet Access Service, SEACOM is proud to announce our entry into the enterprise market – an exciting new phase in our mission to bring the world to African businesses, and African businesses to the world. We have already been crowned with the title of highest average Internet speed in South Africa, and we believe the time to extend the benefits of this excellence in connectivity to businesses throughout Africa has arrived!


The arrival of the SEACOM undersea cable changed the face of connectivity in Africa for the better, but until now, last-mile fibre based connectivity proved to be an expensive investment that few growing businesses, especially the corporates in developing African markets, could afford. Our latest projects are changing all of that. We’re already making huge strides in East Africa by bringing our business connectivity solutions to Kenya, where cost effective, high-speed infrastructure is lacking and many businesses’ digital ambitions are near-impossible to realise. Because we own and operate the network at the fibre level, extending this even into the last-mile solution, we can offer businesses the seamless and fast connectivity, as well as the consistent quality of service, they require to take advantage of the cloud and other IP services such as voice, and more.


Now, our Direct-to-Business solutions are available to corporates of any size throughout South Africa, promising the ability to get more out of your digital efforts, and cut costs while you do.


SEACOM’s Business offerings are designed to help boost our continent’s digital businesses onto the global stage, through addressing Africa’s specific digital business needs:


  • The Need for Speed

We provide Internet connections that give customers access to the public Internet via SEACOM’s global high-speed fibre network. This connectivity is delivered directly to the customer’s premises using dedicated last-mile fibre or wireless connectivity, which ensures high-speed and low-latency connectivity to ensure your business can reach its true potential in the online digital age.


At SEACOM, speed is our middle name. Poor infrastructure in much of Africa means that realising the full potential of fibre has been limited by a lack of last-mile services. Our solution provides a cost-effective, high-availability Internet access right to the front door of businesses around Africa.


  • Better, Faster, Stronger Communication

Corporate customers need the ability to connect multiple sites to one another, via a flexible and resilient IP/MPLS backbone. We’ve leveraged our best of breed network capabilities to create Corporate Connect, a service that provides Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 technologies to tailor solutions that best meet customers’ specific VPN needs.

SEACOM will help get the message across loud and clear, every time. Not only does Corporate Connect give businesses the ability to communicate across the world, it also allows for the secure sharing of confidential information across various business premises. The entire service package is a great way to ensure communication between branches in a more cost effective and sustainable way, with line rates from a few megabits to several gigabits.


  • A New Cloud Experience:

Utilising Cloud technologies for business means cost savings, flexibility, mobility, and improved collaboration – and it’s becoming a must for forward thinking businesses hoping to remain competitive in the digital arena.


We can help accelerate your business’s cloud ambitions to give you access to a whole world of cloud-based services. SEACOM’s CloudWorx allows for a reliable, dedicated and private connection to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other leading cloud service providers. It also connects customers’ WANs directly to cloud platforms, ensuring lower latency, increased reliability, increased speed, and higher security than connecting via public Internet.


Our value-added and cloud service offerings also provide a range of business centric services, such as voice, hosted mail, online backup, end-point protection and virtual hosting, to assist customers in managing communications, security, disaster recovery and many other requirements of a modern business.


Connectivity holds untold benefits for businesses facing Africa’s unique set of challenges – all they need is a partner who sees the bigger picture to help guide them. Find out more about SEACOM’s solutions, and how they can help your business embrace the potential of the digital era. Millions of Africa’s businesses are accelerating their growth through the power of the Internet. Make sure yours isn’t left behind.