SEACOM to provide free high-speed internet connectivity at the MyBroadband conference this October - SEACOM

SEACOM to provide free high-speed internet connectivity at the MyBroadband conference this October


SEACOM to provide free high-speed internet connectivity at the MyBroadband conference this October


SEACOM will sponsor free Internet connectivity, at the highest speeds ever, for all delegates and attendees at the 2016 MyBroadband Conference taking place on 20 October at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Mark Tinka, Head of Engineering at SEACOM, outlines the exciting service that delegates can expect:


SEACOM will provide 10Gbps of Internet bandwidth to the conference—the first time ever that a single one-day event in South Africa will see this amount of capacity offered to attendees. This means that delegates will enjoy fast connectivity all day, with no bottlenecks. The bandwidth will be delivered on a high-end routing platform designed for high-bandwidth and low-latency environments.

Bandwidth Resiliency

To guarantee 100% connectivity uptime during the conference, SEACOM will deliver the capacity over two diverse fibre paths. If the primary fibre path fails, the secondary fibre path will continue to seamlessly deliver high-speed Internet to the event.

Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

SEACOM will deploy 100 Wi-Fi access points to ensure that delegates have excellent Wi-Fi reception and fast connectivity wherever they are in the venue. The Wi-Fi infrastructure will be based on the access points, supporting dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios that deliver 802.11a/b/g/n/ac connectivity.

Delegates can expect the highest-quality wireless connectivity with no spectrum congestion or interference, thanks to dual, redundant 20Gbps-capable Wireless LAN Controllers. SEACOM will use four Ethernet switches to deliver power and network connectivity to every Wi-Fi access point that will be deployed for the conference.

The Wi-Fi SSID will be SEACOM-MyBB-2016. No authentication or password required.


SEACOM believes South Africans deserve fast, reliable, uncapped Internet access with no compromises. In the “SEACOM Way”, a good broadband connection meets these nine criteria:

1. 1:1 Bandwidth delivery

2. Lowest latency

3. Highest throughput

4. Uncapped

5. Uncontended

6. Unshaped

7. Unthrottled

8. Unfiltered

9. Anytime. All day. Everyday.

Delegates will enjoy Internet access based on these principles at the MyBroadband conference—with no limitations or restrictions.

IP Addresses

SEACOM will provide a /18 worth of public IPv4 addresses for this conference. A /18 equates to 16,384 unique public IPv4 addresses.

SEACOM will also provide a /56 worth of public IPv6 addresses for the conference. A /56 equates to 4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696 unique public IPv6 addresses.

Every device (wired or wireless) connected to the Internet during the event, will have its own unique, public IPv4 and IPv6 address (dual-stack). This will guarantee fast end-to-end connectivity between device and the Internet, as no NAT or firewall will be involved.

For devices to use IPv6, they must be running an operating system that supports IPv6. Delegates can check their device manufacturer’s web site for the details.


The SEACOM booth will showcase how high-quality Internet access can make a significant difference for South Africans on a personal and professional level. The SEACOM booth will focus on the four areas of our lives that we value the most:

  1. How we live.
  2. How we work.
  3. How we play.
  4. How we relax.

Other activities will include:

  • A Video game competition – An Apple MacBook or Apple iPad Pro could be yours if your time is the fastest.
  • Networked gaming station – Ever wanted to play online with your friends, at the lowest latency and highest throughput possible?
  • Software update station – Want to update your mobile phone’s apps and operating system? Or do you want to update your laptop’s software? Or, perhaps, you want to update your video game to the latest release? Or maybe you want just to download everything under the sun.
  • Cable drops – Do you need extreme upload/download speed? The SEACOM booth will have dedicated Ethernet cable drops to which you can connect your laptop. Each connection will run at 1Gbps, and will guarantee the fastest connectivity to the Internet bandwidth throughout the conference.
  • Charging station – Come with your device’s charger. A charging station will be available so that you can stay connected throughout the day.
  • Technical display – Want to see what it takes to deliver such high-quality Internet to a conference? SEACOM will display an open rack with all the equipment and infrastructure that will be used to provide the Internet connectivity for the day.

The SEACOM team looks forward to seeing you at the MyBroadband Conference, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we will.