SEACOM helps Kenyan organisations accelerate their migration to the cloud - SEACOM

SEACOM helps Kenyan organisations accelerate their migration to the cloud


SEACOM helps Kenyan organisations accelerate their migration to the cloud


Kenya’s private and public sector organisations will be able to accelerate their migration to cloud-based business solutions and integrate more closely with the global digital economy following the launch of SEACOM Business’s Internet connectivity and cloud services.

That’s according to SEACOM Business East Africa Sales Lead Patrick Ndegwa, who says that Kenyan organisations will be able to take full advantage of the latest digital solutions and technologies as high-speed fibre Internet access becomes more widely available. This will help companies – especially multinationals and technology start-ups – to take their place in a global digital economy.

The availability of faster, more affordable and more reliable broadband Internet services will enable them to take advantage of the agility, cost-savings and rapid deployment of cloud-based business solutions, for example. In addition, businesses will be able to collaborate via high-quality voice-over-IP connections and even start making more use of videoconferencing and telepresence.

They will be able to take advantage of services such as offsite backup and infrastructure as a service, enabling them to reduce their IT capital and operating costs by tapping into services from world-class data centre providers. “We have been talking about the power of the cloud for years, but aggressive fibre rollouts led by companies like SEACOM start to turn it into a compelling reality for Kenyan organisations,” says Ndegwa.

SEACOM recently unveiled its plans to provide Internet connectivity and cloud services directly to corporate customers under the banner of the new SEACOM Business initiative. Its aim is to provide organisations with faster, more reliable, more affordable and more consistent connectivity so they can improve their businesses processes by taking advantage of the latest digital and cloud solutions. “Initial customers of the service have all been impressed with the speed and uptime we are able to deliver,” says Ndegwa.

SEACOM is leveraging its abundant and scalable capacity on its undersea cable system and continent-wide IP-MPLS network, as well as the capabilities of its cloud services, to enable corporates in East Africa to smoothly transition to the cloud. In addition to offering Kenyan companies fibre Internet access, SEACOM also offers powerful cloud solutions.

For example, it can enable companies to take advantage of cloud offerings like hosted mail, online backup, end-point protection, and virtual hosting. SEACOM also recently entered into partnerships with Microsoft to offer ExpressRoute services to enhance the experience of customers looking to access Microsoft Azure services across SEACOM’s network.

“Because we own and operate the network end-to-end at the fibre level, we can offer businesses the seamless and fast connectivity as well as the consistent quality of service they need to take advantage of the cloud and other IP services such as voice and video,” Ndegwa says. “This means we can help customers to optimise IT and communications resources by taking advantage of the cloud’s efficiencies and scale.”