SEACOM: Unleashing the true potential of Cloud on the African continent - SEACOM

SEACOM: Unleashing the true potential of Cloud on the African continent

SEACOM: Unleashing the true potential of Cloud on the African continent


More than a decade ago, Cloud Computing was heralded as the future of business, and while adoption of cloud-based services has been steady over the last few years, it certainly has not been adopted at the rate which tech pundits had predicted at the time.

The benefits to businesses are well known: Cloud offers a consumption-based model without the need to commit to large upfront capital investments in infrastructure. In addition, the other associated benefits of utilising the cloud, such as savings on internal support systems as well as reduced time-to-market, cannot be overlooked.

Why then, has Cloud adoption been limited to highly developed markets, with adoption in Africa being somewhat limited and measured? There are various reasons for this, but one of the underlying problems usually amounts to a key component in the consumption of the Cloud by end users, and that is, connectivity.

In many developed markets the pervasiveness of high-bandwidth, reliable and scalable connectivity services provide the basis for the move into the Cloud. In Africa, the lack of high-speed, reliable and scalable Internet access has really meant that the adoption of cloud has been stifled. As pioneer in the affordable connectivity in Africa, SEACOM is looking to address this critical issue in the move to the cloud and ensure cloud adoption in Africa keeps pace with the rest of the world.

When SEACOM launched in 2009, it changed the African Internet landscape and helped operators and ISPs across Africa to launch affordable Internet access to their customers. Since then, SEACOM has extended its network into major centres in Southern and East Africa, as well built out a pan-African IP/MPLS platform to support customers with next generation network services. Through these investments and through innovative offerings to the market, SEACOM is the ideal solutions partner for the journey into the Cloud for both African operators and ISP’s as well as for Cloud solutions providers that are looking to extend their products into the African market.

While many cloud deployments are accessible from the general Internet, they really sit as islands across the globe. This is where SEACOM’s value proposition really comes to the fore by leveraging its network to provide direct, reliable and SLA-backed interconnectivity between these cloud islands.

Not only does SEACOM provide direct connectivity to these well-known public cloud islands (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft), SEACOM’s network is ready to prioritise customer traffic connecting to these public clouds either through VPNs or even public Internet connections.  This means that when accessing these public clouds through SEACOM’s network, customers will experience unprecedented speed and responsiveness (low latency) when compared to merely connecting to these public clouds via other ISP’s internet connections.

Additionally, for those customers with the specific need to have their data residing within their respective country and not overseas, SEACOM, with its own data centres across Southern and East African countries can provide carrier-grade cloud services that marries perfectly with its network.