SEACOM introduces NAPAfrica Remote Peering service - SEACOM

SEACOM introduces NAPAfrica Remote Peering service

SEACOM introduces NAPAfrica Remote Peering service

SEACOM has launched a NAPAfrica Remote Peering service that enables NAPAfrica members connected to at least one NAPAfrica exchange point to easily peer with all NAPAfrica exchange point members, across SEACOM’s South African IP/MPLS backbone.

Operators and service providers with a NAPAfrica peering port who opt for this service will have a virtual presence at all NAPAfrica exchange points, where they will be able to exchange traffic with other NAPAfrica members at those points.

NAPAfrica is a neutral, Layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point, located within each of the Teraco data centre facilities in South Africa. Instead of costly multiple direct links to different providers, a single peering point allows multiple networks and ISP’s to interconnect, using an exchange environment. NAPAfrica also recently achieved peak traffic exchanges in excess of 15Gbps.

“NAPAfrica’s growth in the past few years has been phenomenal and we believe our launch of this new service will help the community grow even more. SEACOM’s NAPAfrica Remote Peering service will not only help operators and Internet service providers to reduce their connectivity costs, but also provide an improved end-user experience to their customers,” says Robert Marston, Global Head of Product at SEACOM.

Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco Data Environment says “NAPAfrica is a community driven Internet exchange – a platform from which content is distributed to reach a wider audience. We applaud SEACOM for taking the initiative to build a product around the southern African regional internet exchange that allows access to content for an even larger audience and from much further afield." 

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