SEACOM enhances Coast to Coast services in South Africa - SEACOM

SEACOM enhances Coast to Coast services in South Africa

SEACOM enhances Coast to Coast services in South Africa

Pan-African ICT enabler SEACOM today announced that is has made additional major investments in infrastructure across South Africa in order to improve connectivity between major network interconnection points in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Mtunzini and Yzerfontein. These new investments are critical components in SEACOM’s vision to provide a robust and resilient ring around the African continent. At the same time, SEACOM is adding new points of presence (PoPs) in Cape Town, Durban and Yzerfontein, adding to its existing PoPs located in Johannesburg and Mtunzini.


SEACOM is now able to offer operators and service providers access to the SEACOM, and other West and East coast cable systems from any of its PoPs in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.  In addition, SEACOM is also offering its service provider  customers national connectivity on an IRU or lease basis between these PoPs in an effort to improve national connectivity solutions  between South Africa’s largest business centres.  Until now options for national connectivity have been constrained by a limited number of providers, limited routes and higher prices.


SEACOM’s Head of Product Strategy Suveer Ramdhani said: “Thanks to our latest investments in infrastructure in South Africa, SEACOM will again contribute to the next wave of growth and uptake of data connectivity,  while offering quality services at better prices. ”


Currently, customers are already able to purchase a wide range of services from SEACOM, including Private Line, Ethernet and IP Transit services. The company owns and operators an extensive SDH and IP network, which is augmented globally by partner networks, enabling customers to expand their own network footprints into Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.


Says Ramdhani: “These recent terrestrial investments in South Africa bring us closer to our service provider customers here and, with easy access to multiple cable systems, we are positioned as a one-stop shop for data  communications services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Our Pan-African customers will be pleased to note that SEACOM has completed our African-Ring, adding further levels of quality and diversity to our service offerings.”




SEACOM launched Africa’s first broadband submarine cable system along the eastern and southern coastlines in 2009, bringing with it a vast supply of high quality and affordable Internet bandwidth. 


Since then, SEACOM has moved beyond being a cable operator to become a major pan-African service provider, offering a full suite of resilient and scalable data services that allow Africa’s growing ICT community to develop and evolve.


Ranging from dedicated IPL transmission services, flexible Ethernet services, to resilient IP Transit service capabilities and accessible Internet connectivity, SEACOM can now provide tailor-made communication solutions.


Today, SEACOM is the preferred partner for African network carriers and service providers. Through its ownership of Africa’s most extensive ICT data infrastructure – including multiple subsea cables and a resilient, continent-wide IP-MPLS network – SEACOM provides flexible, scalable and high-quality communications services that enable the growth of the continent’s economy.


SEACOM is privately owned and operated, allowing the company the agility to rapidly deploy new services, commercial structures and infrastructure in response to customer requirements.  SEACOM is also able to provide true open-access services with no red tape or hidden costs.


SEACOM’s customer-driven services are bringing affordable data connectivity and all of its benefits to Africa’s people.


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